Landowner Information

We require sites throughout the UK and we are actively seeking the most suitable locations for both single and multiple wind turbines. The land owner has the opportunity to earn a regular guaranteed income for 25 years. Once the wind turbine has been built, the land surrounding it can be used for farming, with the base of the turbine only taking up a small amount of space.
Initially we carry out a preliminary assessment of the site which involves liaising with the Local Planning Department, Aviation Safeguarding Body and Electricity Operator. If this assessment is positive, we then proceed to apply for planning permission.
The landowner is not required to pay any costs involved with this process, however the landowner’s opinion on the process is always taken on board. We pride ourselves in working to ensure the landowner is satisfied and to that end, we ensure a personal representative of the company is always on hand to answer any queries they may have.

Key Benefits in Working with SternWind Ltd.

  • Regular income for up to 25 years from lease
  • Option to sell the site outright to Stern Wind Ltd
  • Help reduce global warming
  • Help make natural energy the top energy resource
  • Sustaining the UK’s energy supply
  • Promoting Government Policy
  • In house team of Experienced Professionals